Industrial Components

A comprehensive range of high-quality industrial components for the most demanding clients.

A German modular machine building system that engineers worldwide rely on. Why? It simply works. Components which can be endlessly combined. Your ideas become reality!


Best-in-class modular conveyor belts and transfer systems. We would be delighted to assist you with the right products and support for all your internal transfer needs.


Vetter's small conveyor belts combine individuality with maximum quality. They are compact without interfering shapes and contours and utilise high-quality motors that are perfectly integrated.


Baltec is known worldwide as the specialist in cold forming. Radial riveting, orbital riveting or roll forming with a wide range of standard machines. Baltec always offers the best solution for permanent connections.


Faber offers an exceptionally wide range of standard modular belts, curved conveyors and chain conveyors. Or go for a fully customised system. Top quality, made in France.


Kolver produces electric screwdrivers with a torque range of 0.01 to 50 Nm. Thanks to smart controlling technology, everything is optimised and the quality level is increased.


Afag is a Swiss manufacturer of pick & place components and high-quality feeding technology. The 100% 3D printed feeding systems combined with special drive technology ensure an exceptionally reliable quality of the products.


From simple hand presses via pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses to electric presses and fully controlled servo presses. Top quality built in the heart of Germany!


Weber has been producing screw and press machines equipped with automated feeding systems since 1956. Many patents have been incorporated into the machines including, for example, the feeding system with swing arm.


Arkite’s Human Interface Mate (HIM) transforms workplaces into interactive digital environments thanks to real-time picking and assembly instructions via Augmented Reality. The ultimate operator instruction technology from Belgium.


Fibro has been producing rotary tables and indexing tables often used in the automation of production processes and mechanical operations since 1958.


Östling represents a complete range of marking equipment. Whether it concerns logos, barcodes, data matrices or any other image, Östling has the perfect solution.


Farger & Joosten supplies hydro-pneumatic cylinders with a pressing range of 2 to 100 tons in an exceptionally wide range of versions.


Föhrenbach is known for its highly accurate positioning systems such as sleds, with or without servo drives, and linear motors. They also offer servo and direct drive rotary tables with remarkable precision.

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