Working towards a greener and sustainable future
At Motix, sustainability is not just a buzzword. Our business model is a reflection of re-usability and circular economy on many levels. Everything starts with aluminium, the material we use everywhere in our projects and products.

Aluminium is an exceptionally sustainable metal that is 100% recyclable without compromising on quality. We always use high-quality recycled material with a low carbon footprint wherever possible. Fun fact: almost 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still used today. We also have a zero-waste policy, so nothing goes unused in our production.

In addition to our choice of material, our company strives to be a zero-emission business in which our building is completely CO2-neutral and fully meets our energy needs. In addition, all our products are packed in sustainable ecological packaging and we are completely paperless. No unnecessary printing, just working more efficiently.

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do at Motix!

Would you like to know more about how we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum? Give us a shout and we will assist you further