Customised projects and solutions

Imagine. Create. Build

In addition to best-in-class standard industrial components, we also help our clients with total solutions and projects from A to Z, fully customised for each individual client.

The client's requirements and ideas are central to everything we do. From the initial idea, rough sketch or draft to the final completion, extensive testing and installation.

We think outside the box in order to offer the best possible solution, always with the goal of exceeding the client's expectations.


Motix has over 30 years' experience in the development of total solutions for clients in various sectors (production environments, laboratories, automotive and suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, social workshops, etc.).

From simple guarding and machine frames to more complex automation, robotics and smaller machines.

Our comprehensive offering means we can provide a quality solution for every problem.


Our team would be delighted to visit you for a detailed discussion and analysis of the current situation and how Motix can help with a solution to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Our team gets to work based on this information and feedback.

We believe after-sales support and service is crucial for making the customer experience as complete as possible. Our flexibility knows virtually no bounds and we are always available to assist our clients should anything need to be modified.


Our engineers use the latest software and technology in every phase of the design. Everything is then processed, assembled and thoroughly tested in our workshop in Haasrode. If necessary, ad hoc modifications are discussed with the client and implemented.

Not one project goes to the client without having been awarded our Motix quality label.


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