Karakuri / Cobot Production line

In collaboration with Vlegel Technology, we built a production machine for a client active in the development and production of network infrastructure. Plastic components were processed, hardened and then packaged with the aid of technology such as collaborative robots and computer vision. Item profiles were a common thread throughout the installation. We built the feed and discharge of components based on Item profiles. We designed this conveyor together based on the Karakuri philosophy. It became an ingenious mechanical system without electrical automation. Inside the machine, production was powered by the modular Elcom transfer system.

Vlegel Technology:

"As a specialist in industrial software, we were looking for a partner for the mechanical construction and conveyor belts for this project. Motix helped develop the idea, was responsible for the technical drawings, helped build the installation and still provides spare parts. Motix made it the process easy for us and supported us from A to Z, with a satisfied client and end client as a result."