About us

Motix is a young company with a long history. It sounds strange but it’s true.

Motix used to be known as PEC Products and has been the exclusive partner of the German brand 'Item Industrietechnik' in the Benelux for over 30 years. Large volumes of stock, quick delivery and know-how were, and still are, of paramount importance.

PEC Products was taken over by new management in 2016 and the focus was shifted to total solutions and industrial automation. Interaction with the client is central to this. We always try to go the extra mile to achieve a top result that exceeds the client's expectations. No worries, we are still the exclusive partner for the Item range in the Benelux!

If you are looking for a total solution, standard industrial component or just want to discuss modular technology, give us a call! The coffee and biscuits will be ready.